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Tags: Energy Efficiency | Sustainable Cities | Urban Morphology | Urban Policy

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The Urban Morphology Lab aims at studying the relationships between urban forms, networks, energy consumption and economics. A theoretical knowledge is being built on morphological parameters and mathematical laws about urban intensity, fractality and complexity.

Quantitative tools and models are being developed to measure the structural impact of urban morphology on energy consumption and economic value creation. These tools are based on the latest scientific theory, such as fractal theory, complex systems theory or thermodynamics of dissipative systems.

It is completed by case studies around the world measuring and evaluating morphological parameters. Urban indicators for sustainability are implemented, and a new typology of urban forms is being created, associated with their structural energy consumption. An urban sustainability assessment system is being developed, aiming at providing decision makers with robust and quantitative tools for urban policy. It aims at forecasting on the long term the impact of policy measures that structurally improve urban energy efficiency as well as economic value creation on the neighbourhood, district and city scales.


The book CITIES AND FORMS is now available.